Recycled polyester yarn is produced from used plastic bottles.


Using post consumer waste as a source takes us one step closer to an eco-friendly future.


Reducing consumption, lowering carbon footprint and investing in the future.


The UK currently buys 7.7 billion plastic bottles every year, resulting in substantial amounts of single use plastic waste.

More than 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world per minute.

To combat the vast waste single use plastic creates, we have created a collection using 100% recycled polyester.

Used plastic bottles are cleaned and shredded into pellets. The pellets are crushed, melted and further spun into yarn.

Making our world more sustainable is becoming more important. Helping to create a market for recycled products stops single use plastics going to landfill.

Under our Enhanced Living brand our new 100% recycled products will further to Enhance our lives and the world we live in. 



100% Recycled Polyester Slot Top Panel

For our 100% Recycled panel we wanted to sure the whole product was sustainable. We have consequently worked on each element to be as sustainable as possible.


PANEL - 100% Recycled Polyester

CARE LABEL - 100% Cotton 

DYE - Recycled Dyes 

PACKAGING INSERT - Recyclable Card

PACKAGING BAG - Recyclable PE Bag

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