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Following recent news of energy prices continuing to rise, we would like to highlight, all ENHANCED LIVING branded curtains, have 'energy saving' properties.


We have created a series of swing tickets and posters to help you advertise this topical subject. In addition to this we have created images and videos of Dr Hilary Jones promoting well being and energy saving benefits on Enhanced Living Curtains.


If you would like further details on our marketing material please contact your area agent or contact us on the following email address.


ENHANCED LIVING curtains reduce energy bills by using triple weave technology.


Triple weave is an advanced construction utilising three interwoven layers. The middle layer is a key element as it uses a black yarn. The black yarn acts as a barrier helping keep cold air out and warm air in, aiding insulation. 

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“Enhanced Living’s thermal curtains may help to improve sleep and wellbeing whilst helping to reduce energy bills”- Dr Hilary Jones

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